The Internet

 ..... is your information highway. The choice of vehicle you choose to navigate that highway is dependant on what tasks you need completed ... without proper maintenance of these information highways, your internet vehicles may not perform as well as they could.

Network Security Threats in Real Time

   * Monitor global availability of your applications and websites, and correlate with performance information from your network.

   * See beyond your firewall to understand user experience, network  congestion and performance 

 ... Cloud or no cloud?

Today, a lot of companies are faced a two major IT challenges.

   ... their IT infrastructure includes both proprietary applications that are crucial to their business and external applications, like cloud computing.

   ... they need to process massive amounts of data—and they need to do it quickly.


 ... to evaluate any vulnerabilities in your new or changing networks to protect valued data assets from internal and external threats.

How We Can Help

Our Vulnerability Assessments include a thorough evaluation of the target systems for known and newly-discovered vulnerabilities. 



 ... to discover any deficiencies in your networks and ensure that your organization's defenses functioning as designed.

 .... will attempt entry through the routers, switches, firewalls, and any infrastructure you have in place to connect your systems.

 ... will enter the servers in an attempt to penetrate any exposed services ...

 ... will conduct testing against specific applications to identify existing vulnerabilities ...

 ... attempt entry through the Wi-Fi connections and any wireless infrastructure ...

Security Analysis

 ... identify weaknesses and determine vulnerabilities.

Based on the results, ATI-Netwks will provide a detailed report and work with your team to provide an action plan for resolution.

   * Addresses both physical and virtual liabilities

   * Awareness of your data, where it resides and who has access ...

Mobile & Wireless Testing

Why It's Important

It's no secret that businesses are turning to mobile and wireless devices to enable more seamless operations, enhance communication, and improve customer service. However, the increased use of mobile and wireless technology brings increased threats and vulnerabilities.

How We Can Help

Mobile & Wireless Testing will identify existing vulnerabilities and help you secure your iPhone, Android, tablet, and other platform applications. Most importantly, this service will enable you to protect your organization's data and customer information held within those applications!



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